Actuator & Powerpack Supply & Fitting

With today's modern vehicles, providing the electronic link between the driver’s input and the functionality of transmission is vital.  ECU's,  Actuators and Powerpacks are integral systems in shift quality and gear selection. As with all mechanical parts, a worn or faulty ECU, Actuator or Powerpack will impact both on the driveability and the reliability of your transmission.

As both ZF and Allison Service Partners in Ireland, Adtec Aerauto are ideally suited to supply, fit, bleed and program your new or service exchange ECU, powerpack or actuator. This work can be carried out either in our own service workshop or at customer's designated premesis completing the job in one visit, as cost effectively as possible.

If you are unsure if your ECU, Actuator or Powerpack is at fault, Adtec Aerauto can arrange a visit from one of their Mobile Diagnostic engineers who will confirm your fault.

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  • 24/7 Mobile Diagnostics

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