Kingpin Replacement

Kingpins and bearings can wear out extremely fast if they’re not greased on a regular basis and improper lubrication of kingpin bushings can cause kingpin contact points to begin to wear at the steering knuckle, causing bearing failure.

Because of the potential for further damage and operator safety risks, properly diagnosing and repairing worn kingpins, bushings and bearings needs to be addressed promptly. 

Adtec Aerauto offer the complete range of king pin work:  

  • Auditing
  • Changing caps and washers to the latest specification
  • Pushing kingpins back
  • Complete replacement of the kingpin, bearings and all associated parts.

It is worth noting that specialist equipment is required to complete these tasks. Adtec Aerauto are fully equipped with measuring equipment, hydraulic presses and, crucially, freezers and dry ice capable of shrinking the kingpin into the steering knuckle to enable correct fitting to manufacturer’s standard.

Why Choose Adtec Aerauto
  • 24/7 Mobile Diagnostics

  • Factory Trained Engineers

  • Parts Carried on Engineers Vans

  • On-site Repairs Wherever Possible

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