Cost Of Repair Service

Although service exchange transmissions & axles offer the obvious benefit of an immediate return to service, they may not always be the most cost effective method, especially if your transmission or axle hasn’t totally failed. 

For example front end oil leaks can often be repaired by changing seals and gaskets, without the need to strip the whole unit, saving you time & money.

Adtec Aerauto is capable of repairing all of the product ranges from ZF, Voith, Allison and Volvo plus many more. 

No matter how limited the repair is, all transmissions and axles going through Adtec Aerauto’s workshops are automatically subjected to the same rigorous test cycle as a fully remanufactured unit.

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Adtec Aerauto’s Remove & Refit service is also a benefit to many of our customers looking to keep their down time and costs to a minimum. Adtec Aerauto’s fully qualified, factory trained service engineers can remove, collect, deliver and refit any transmission on your own premises or at Adtec Aerauto’s national service centre. Furthermore Adtec Aerauto’s Remove & Refit service includes a road test and any programming required.

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