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Service Exchange is a great way of minimising vehicle down time and getting your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

Adtec Aerauto only fits genuine parts into its transmissions, so you can rest assured knowing that a transmission bought from Adtec Aerauto has been built to manufacturer’s specification and standards.

So the choice is yours, Adtec Aerauto can supply you a unit or one of their fully qualified, factory trained, field service engineers can deliver and install on your own premises or at Adtec Aerauto’s national service centre. Furthermore our Remove & Refit service includes a road test and any programming required. 

See Adtec Aerauto’s Remove & Refit service

On the rare occasion Adtec Aerauto do not stock your required transmission, all is not lost. Adtec Aerauto has the experience and knowledge to overhaul your transmission to exchange standard.

See Adtec Aerauto’s Cost of Repair service

Why Choose Adtec Aerauto
  • 24/7 Mobile Diagnostics

  • Factory Trained Engineers

  • Parts Carried on Engineers Vans

  • On-site Repairs Wherever Possible

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